CEO's Message
CEO's Message
“We are making the best PCB and software with our expertise and know-how accumulated over a long period of time.”

Dear customers who have visited Hanmi Electronics, nice to meet you.
This is Myung-Sik Yoon, CEO of Hanmi Electronics.

We have been supplying competitive PCBs and related products by reinforcing accurate industrial information and professional marketing activities through domestic and overseas networks, and we are focusing on the production of optimized and stable PCBs.

Based on more than 10 years of experience in the electronic product development industry, technology, and credit, we would like to act as an agent for all PCB related tasks as the hands and feet of those who have difficulties in PCB production and development.

In the future, Hanmi Electronics will add the value of each business division, multiply the enthusiasm and efforts of employees to create synergy, and share each other's success experiences and trust to create infinite energy for success.

We will be reborn as a company that realizes customer value through endless challenges. Above all, we will endeavor to become Hanmi Electronics loved by customers and society.

We hope that all of our customers, who always have generous love and interest, will be filled with health and happiness in their homes.
Thank you.

Representative Director Myung-Sik Yoon