Business Area
For PCB Development and Stable Production

Hanmi Electronics is striving for the highest quality and stable production of PCBs for customers' products.

Through PCB circuit design and development and PCB production work, we provide complete products by shortening the customer's convenience and development period.

In addition, through PCB development and software design, we are cooperating with the customer's electronics-related parts to produce products.

Through various partners, we are efficiently operating the parts supply chain and PCB production, and we provide the convenience of our customers even more by equipping the facilities necessary for production.

Through smooth supply through each partner company, we are efficiently carrying out and delivering PCB manufacturing work.

We have a domestic and overseas parts supply chain through various domestic and overseas partners, and we are not disturbing the schedule of our customers by supplying parts within a short period of time.

Active business participation

We aim for the business of our customers with excellent manpower and technology.

We will take the lead in constructing comfortable and convenient products with plans such as convenience and stability.

For the best PCB Products

Through each partner company, we are striving to produce PCBs that boast the best quality for parts and manufacturing.

Continuous development and production

We are constantly observing and developing the products developed by our customers, cooperating to advance further, and making efforts to supply production efficiently and stably through a stable supply chain of parts.

For stable products and the best quality

We will cooperate more and more to improve our customers' products.

We will do our best to supply products through a stable supply chain.